by Roxy Génier


Luxury is chosen uniqueness. Playing with authenticity and identity, speaking your own personal luxury, and building a world of fact and fantasy to delight, inspire and sweep the world off its feet, these are the foundation of luxury branding. Although it may seem like we need to emulate leading luxury brands to succeed, real success emerges when we give our luxury brand an visionary raison d’être, when we stay true to our core values and when we listen to our passionate community.

Let’s Talk Luxury Branding is your guide to understanding how to connect with luxury consumers by creating a brand identity that speaks from the heart in a refined luxury marketplace, to perfect your luxury brand identity through its story, its visual identity, and its personality, and to ensure that your branding speaks the language of New Luxury.



Roxy Génier
Roxy Génier

Roxy Génier, luxury brand management consultant, is known for her wealth of experience servicing the 0.01% while traveling the world to over 75 countries. Beginning her career aboard superyachts while working for Russian billionaires and American celebrities, she then moved on to become the personal assistant to high net worth British and Canadian entrepreneurs. In 2011, she launched LuxeInACity, an online luxury travel magazine that showcased the best in travel and lifestyle, and in 2014, the Readers of USA Today nominated her as their fifth favorite luxury travel blogger. In 2013, she expanded her service offer and co-founded Agence Luxury, a boutique digital marketing agency catering to luxury brands.

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A sneak peek inside this course:

Luxury fundamentals
The idea of luxury branding

You will learn that legitimacy, authenticity & social responsibility are at the forefront of luxury branding in our digital economy, that luxury consumers navigate their way through a sea of tangible and intangible benefits before electing their luxury brand of choice, and how having a geo-duality positioning can benefit your brand.
Art of luxury
The levels of storytelling

You will learn that the art of luxury storytelling stems from framing a legendary founding narrative, building a business at the forefront of a niche industry, over-delivering on all product promises, building long-lasting relationships through compelling experiences, and once the feeling of luxury has been achieved, elevating all.
Luxury & you
The luxury brand within you

You will learn that your luxury brand is a relationship between you, your organization and your audience therefore you must be true to your own version of luxury, be focused on your core skillsets, be in-touch with your surroundings, be attentive to those you seek, and be selective in a multi-touchpoint world.
Luxury DNA
The roots of it all

You will learn that the key to a strong luxury brand resides in crafting a story that is firmly rooted in the what, the how, the why, the pillars, the heart and soul, the principles, the human personality trait, the sensations, and the emotions which must all be aligned with the consumer’s own perception of your brand.
Luxury story
The verbal language

You will learn that the face of a luxury brand must be a cohesive identity through every aspect of its storyline, a storyline verbally defined by its label, its slogan, its communication style, its associated keywords, its elevator pitch, and its manifesto to ensure that the branding stays strong in the mind of the consumers.
Luxury design
The visual language

You will learn that the visual representation of your brand story is more than just your logo. Your choices in fonts, color scheme, iconography and photography influence your corporate identity, your packaging, and your digital and physical assets to create a unified world that conveys your version of luxury.
Digital luxury
The digital flagship - website

You will learn that most consumers will first be introduced to your luxury brand via your digital showroom, therefore you must understand the importance of creating relevant and compelling experiences in web design, e-commerce design and m-commerce design to solidify your position towards luxury success.
Offline luxury
The flagship - brick-and-mortar

You will learn that in our digitalized world, a flagship store, a pop-up store or a store-within-a-store, can bring the luxury brand to life by immersing the consumer in a complete branded experience where aesthetics, in-store technologies, and staff bring all the brand elements together to solidify the brand’s DNA.
Launching luxury
The luxury life

You will learn that success in luxury lies on designing and implementing a touchpoint communication strategy that strengthens brand equity, on transforming employees into brand ambassadors, on forging co-branded partnerships with outside actors that share similar values and on creating moments of luxury that over-delights your consumers.
Success & luxury
The growth of luxury

You will learn that to achieve long-term success a luxury brand must recreate exclusive perception by continuously refreshing the dream, must balance image and business to stay true to its DNA, and must go beyond the brand by leveraging digital marketing, e-commerce, m-commerce and other technological innovations.



Beginners AND advanced luxury students who are desirous of learning the foundations required to perfect a luxury brand. You need to educate yourself in luxury branding before taking making that next big career move.

People who want to evolve within their family luxury business. Although you already know the importance of authenticity in luxury, you need to figure out how to perfect your branding in a shifting landscape to ensure the future success of your family legacy.

Entrepreneurs with the ambition to build your own start-up in the luxury industry. You dream of making it big one day but first need to strengthen your brand identity so that your true definition of luxury shines through its personality.

Professionals who want to further their education in luxury brand management. You want to learn how to master luxury branding to ensure long term success of their beloved brand.

Self-learners who simply love everything luxury. This course's curriculum caught your eye and you want to learn everything about the luxury branding.


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Simply select your payment option and follow steps to payment. Once you have purchased, you will receive payment confirmation. It is that easy.
When does the course start and finish?
This online luxury course starts on May 1st, 2019 or anytime after. The course content will be released to you in small sections, every week, allowing you plenty of time to study and learn more about the subject on your own before new information is released. You will have 6 months from start date to submit your course homework assignment if you wish to receive feedback from your instructor and get a course certificate.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What is included in each course?
Loads of luxury brand management goodies. Think weekly emails, essential reading .pdf, presentations, learning activities, key references, and quizzes. Since it is always best to play in a team, you will also get access to insights from other thought leaders in the luxury industry in the form of interviews, industry expert roundups and more.
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Will I have to take exams?
There are no exams in any of the courses but you will get a chance to test your knowledge with a series of quizzes throughout each module. In order to get the course certificate, you will need to complete a short project to test your acquired knowledge.
What qualifications will I receive after completing the course?
If you successfully complete the course project, you will receive a certificate of achievement which that will just look great on your LinkedIn profile.
Can I enroll to more than one course?
Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to your education! It will boost your skill set to stand out from others.
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All major credit and debit cards are accepted via our payment provider.
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you've done the work and honestly feel you didn't get value from the experience, submit a detailed explanation of what didn't work for you so we can continue to improve within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll promptly issue a refund.


When you invest in your future, you’re also changing the way others experience luxury.

Please note: The Let's Talk Luxury Branding online course is available with a start date of May 15th, 2019. This digital program is not available in printed or physical form. We're a green company and try to keep our carbon footprint as light as possible. Course curriculum might change slightly to reflect the need to keep up with the continuously changing landscape.