As someone who continuously roams the world to perfect my global understanding of luxury, I am proud to offer a series of online course to address the current disconnection between what the 1% yearns for and what luxury brands push on the market as luxury goods.

After over a decade of real-world intelligence gathering on both the 0.01% and the 1%, I discovered something simple: New Luxury is pushing Luxury out as we enter a new era of global living brought on by the advent of new technologies.

As a community, those who reside at the top of the wealth pyramid are shifting their relationship with luxury from the mass-consumption of goods to the enjoyment of self-actualizing experiences. Everyone else is following in their footsteps.

In the 21st century, embracing New Luxury displays the highest level of status in our world. The meaning of luxury has forever changed, and luxury brands who embrace its new values will lead the future of consumption for all.

I invite you to change our world by joining our New Luxury Educational Journey.

Roxy Genier - Luxury Consultant - Signature